Southern States Pavement Marking’s History

1970 was a defining moment for Melvin Carter. At the time he was a young husband and father, but he also knew he wanted to be his own boss and own his own company. It was then he decided to organize U.S. Sealcoating. Soon after its inception, U.S. Sealcoating completed its first project at a strip mall on the corner of University and Atlantic Boulevard in Jacksonville, Florida. A few years later, U.S. Sealcoating landed its first large contract with a national based company. That first contract was with Days Inn Motels, and soon after a contract with Pizza Hut was on the books as well. As time continued to progress contracts kept getting larger, with larger corporations. They all saw the value U.S. Sealcoating provided to their businesses.

The 1980s saw an era of expansion past Florida to regional airstrips, airports, and U.S. military bases. This expansion increased when Mr. Carter decided to sell U.S. Sealcoating franchises throughout the country. A total of 17 franchises were sold. In the mid-1980s, U.S. Sealcoating was performing projects for the U.S. military throughout the continental United States and as far away as the Azores Islands off the coast of Portugal and in the country of Morocco.

During this same time, U.S. Sealcoating began its transition from only Sealcoating to Highway Striping Services. A short time later Ameriseal was born. Ameriseal began to grow year over year and began to forge relationships with DOT’s and highway contractors and pavers that we keep to this day. For many years, Ameriseal held a 65% market share on all prime thermoplastic projects throughout the state of Florida. In the early 2000’s Ameriseal expanded its footprint into nearby South Carolina where it enjoyed much success for many years. In 2010, Ameriseal sold to a regional contractor who was trying to expand into the Florida and South Carolina areas. After a few years of stagnant performance and national economic stagnation, Melvin bought back Ameriseal and vowed to return it to its former success.

In 2011 it was decided to rename the Ameriseal brand to Southern States Pavement Markings to better represent the company’s true focus and regional footprint. During the last four years, the majority of the fleet of longline striping trucks and TMA’s has been upgraded to state of the art MRL Truck Mounted Stripers and International flatbed trucks outfitted with scorpion attenuators. Since 2011 annual growth has continued year over year and SSPMI has expanded once again into the state of Georgia. Countless resources and hundreds of hours of employee development and training have enabled SSPMI to become the premier highway striping company in the Southeast.

As it was in 1970, it is the same today; we aim to deliver the highest-level performance, precision, and excellence on every project while also continuing to exceed our customer’s expectations. SSPMI constantly looks into the future, while learning from our storied past. We understand companies must continue to grow and evolve to be successful in this changing economy. We look forward to the next 50 years and the opportunities it will bring.