GRINDING     –     THERMOPLASTIC     –     GROUND IN RUMBLE     –     PAINT     –     HP TAPE     –     R.P.M.


SSPMI uses state of the art grinding heads to remove old thermoplastic and tape products. With these
diamond blade cutting heads, SSPMI can remove up to 25-40 miles in an eight hour shift, which allows
us to complete projects quicker reducing lane closures and traffic congestion due to mobile operations.

Ground-in Rumble

Rumble strips have been used since the early 1990’s to help create a safer driving experience. SSPMI
offers all types of milled services including; rumble strips, sinusoidal pattern, and shot blasting. Whatever
your project requires in regards to ground in rumble services, we can assist.

Fast Dry

For decades SSPMI has partnered with local, regional, and national road construction contractors during the road construction life cycle.  Temporary lines are an essential part of road safety during new construction, road modifications, and lane shifts.  We understand how tight schedules are and our state of the art paint trucks and highly experienced paint crews always ensure we meet or exceed the expectations and scheduling requirements of our customers.

High Build

SSPMI is committed to our customers who rely on High Build paint services to maintain their roadways.  To prove this commitment, SSPMI added a new 2018 MRL airless paint truck to our fleet.  The high volume output capability, serviceability, ease of operation, and dependability of this truck allows SSPMI to provide High Build paint services at a very competitive rate while not sacrificing quality.


SSPMI has dedicated crews who focus on all of our handline thermoplastic installations.  This detail work is critical on each and every project and our customers expect sharp, smooth, and highly reflective symbols and markings.  Whether it is day or night, a local intersection or an interstate off-ramp, it doesn’t matter.  Our crews and project managers have decades of handline experience.  We will go as far to say, “Our handline work is the best in the business.”


SSPMI has four MRL longline thermoplastic trucks in our fleet.  In 2018 alone, we added three new MRL 12,000 lb. longline thermoplastic trucks.  Our fourth thermoplastic truck is a 2011 MRL truck mounted striper.  It goes without saying; our fleet of MRL thermoplastic striping trucks is second to none.  We have dedicated many resources and countless hours of training to ensure our thermo fleet is ready for any job that comes our way.  At SSPMI we install over 100,000,000 linear feet of thermoplastic every year.  There is no job too big.


Preform thermoplastic is a growing part of our business.  Each crew we have in the field has extensive training in Preform thermoplastic applications.  This part of our business is growing year over year and we work with our customers to ensure all Preform thermoplastic is installed properly and to the highest level of quality.  With CAD technology, we can work with our Preform partners and meet your logo and custom design needs.

High Performance Tape

SSPMI is a 3M certified high performance tape installation contractor.  High performance tape is used on concrete bridge decks, concrete roadways, and on other installation applications.  Whether it is a new road or a remove and replace project, we have the experience and equipment to make it happen.  High performance tape is the right material for certain applications and certain construction projects.  We are proud of our relationship with 3M through the years and we work closely with them to ensure the highest level of installation quality and reflectivity performance.

Reflective Pavement Markings

Reflective pavement Markings are an essential part of overall road and traffic safety.  Over the years, SSPMI has installed millions of Reflective Pavement Markings for our customers.  We have developed techniques and specialized equipment to assist us in safely installing each marker.  We have partnered with Industry leading manufacturers for decades on all markers and approved sealing compounds.

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